15 Uncommon Beauty And Skincare Tips For ALL

Everyone needs a few tricks and tips to nourish our beauting. Well, today I am here with some uncommon beauty and skin care tips that you should know. So let’s us dive into the details.

1- Get Voluminous Lashes Without Using Mascara:

You can have voluminous lashes with no mascara. You simply need an eyeliner to make the illusion of a perfect thick eyelashes. All you need to do is apply a dark earthy colored or a profound dark eyeliner on the upper edge of your eyes. Simply apply it on the upper edge and not over the lashes. This hack will make your lashes to seem more full.

2- Dump the Black Eyeliner:

Classic black eyeliners can here and there make your eyes look more small as dark shades cause the eye to recede. To draw out your eyes and make them look more brighter, try to use a various shades and colors of eyeliner. Lighter and brighter colors add shine to the eyes and make them look bigger and beautiful as well.


3- Scotch Tape for Eye Make-up:

Continued swatching or brushes with oil from your skin can make your eyeshadows cakey. This implies a layer of oil structures over the eyeshadow that keeps the color from staying on the brush. To counter this issue, stick some scotch tape over the eyeshadow and press it tenderly. The scotch tape will stick on the slick oily surface and eliminate waste product. Your eyeshadow will be new again.

4- Use Dry Shampoo For A Hair Grease-Free:

Do you need that hairstyle that you are in love with to last longer? Well, simply style your hair using a little dry shampoo on the roots before spritzing on any hairspray. The dry shampoo will absorb excess oil , moisture and sweat from your hair, making your style stay longer.

5- Vaseline For An Everlasting Perfume

Vaseline is a multifunctional product. You can use it to make the scent of a perfume stay for a long time. You always tend to spray too much perfume believing that it will make it last longer. Rather than this, apply some Vaseline on the pulse points before spritzing on the perfume. This trick will make your fragrance last the entire day.

6- Add Aloe Vera when Applying Sheer Foundation:

We all know that Aloe vera is great product for hydrating and moisturizing the skin; it controls the oil production. To make your favourite base sheer, simply add a little amount – less than a pea size – of aloe vera gel to it. This trick will give you a sheer foundation with dewy look. and also will keep your skin hydrated and oil-free for long.

7- Style your Brows to have a Bigger Eyes:

If you are a fan of bigger eyes look and you want to create that illusion, just style your brows properly. Define your brows using a powder, focusing on the centre arch of the brows. When you define the highest area of the brows it tricks people into assuming you have bigger eyes

8- Stunning Lashes, Try Argan oil:

If you haven’t tried out this hack yet, the you should. Argan oil is a rich source of antioxidants, fatty acids and vitamins. It can help your lashes to grow long and thick. It will effectively promore the growth of the eyelashes. All the vitamins and nutrients needed to grow hair are found in argan oil. Simply apply a tiny amount of argan oil before going to bed for best results.

9- Lemon for Strong Nails:

Are you searching for a definite shot solution that will strengthen and moisturize your nails? Well, your search will stop right here. The best way to strengthen and brighten the nails, is to take a tablespoon full of olive oil and a teaspoon of lemon juice. Warm up this mixture a little and apply over your nails. Wear gloves and leave it overnight.

10- Black Tea for Oily Skin:

Black tea contain the natural astringent property that is very beneficial for oily skin. Not just it helps in adjusting the skin’s oil, yet additionally makes it smoother, softer and glowing with each use. To use, splash your facial skin with strongly brewed but cooled black tea. On the other hand, you can prepare black tea ice cubes and massage your skin with them.

11- Use Glycerin as a leave-in Conditioner:

Glycerin gives moisture and hydration to the skin. However, did you know it can be a good leave-in conditioner too? Simply apply a tiny amount of vegetable glycerin and it will condition your mane like nothing else. Only one tip: do not use this trick on a high humidity day.

12- If You Have A Sensitive Skin Use Milk ice cubes:

Milk can relieve your skin and make it softer. If you have sensitive skin that gets irritated easily, then this method will be beneficial for you. Simply freeze raw milk in an ice tray to make ice cubes and apply the ice cube over irritated skin. You can also soak a washcloth in raw milk and wring it. All you have to do is place an ice cube in this cloth and then apply it over affected area.

13- Use Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey Pack to Fade Dark Spots and Acne Scars:

To make ACV toner, blend 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar with 1 tbsp of honey, and dilute it with 2/3rd glass of water. Now apply the solution with a cotton ball on the affected area and rinse it off with water after 30 minutes. Do this routinely to fade away acne scars.

14- Try Beetroot Face Pack for Radiant Skin:

Mix 1 tbsp of beetroot juice and 1 tbsp of milk cream. Apply this face pack routinely to get radiant and glowing skin.

15- Cleanse Your Skin With Rice Water, Gram Flour And Honey Face Pack:

This face pack is phenomenal to dispose of tan and to exfoliate skin gently. First you need to prepare rice water by soaking some rice in a cup of water, wait until water gets cloudy, take out the rice and keep the water aside. You can even save this water for couple of days in fridge for later use. Now mix besan with few drops of honey and then mix the rice water till you get good consistency so as to make it a paste to apply on the face.

Finally while applying just massage the paste on the skin and leave for sometime, till it gets dry. When it is completely dry, wash with water. After washing your face, don’t rub it with towel, instead dab it soft towel, just to remove excess water. And you are all done!


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