15 gorgeous pets who are sad to see you go

Does your pet seem to have a sixth sense that reacts to each time you think about packing your bags? Has your cat or dog mastered the sad face that chases you all day? Unfortunately, our pets can’t speak as human beings, and it’s really hard to explain to your kind little friend what “I’ll be back” means.

These sad pets have mastered the art of guilt, and are here to show off such impressive skills that you’ll feel guilty because you always plan to go away.

You’ll see some of the best heartbreaking pet tricks ever captured in movies like “Sad Eye”, “Lonely Window Stare”, and of course, the “Intense Stunned To No Eye Contact” technique. You will see cats throw themselves over the bags, dogs chase their owners into the car, and beg them to reconsider what they are doing.


Vote for the finest animal that feels so sad to see you go! If your pet is behaving like this when you try to exit the door, let us know in the comments section.

1 – No. Just go. Remember me!


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